MIDV-547 | "Rubbing with your hands isn't cheating, right?" At the inn where we stayed for three consecutive nights, I fell in love with my girlfriend's little sister's devilish hand job, ejaculated 13 times, and got cuckolded by Mio Ishikawa.

MIDV-547 |
Director: Amazing Meat
Studio: MOODYZ

She won't let me do anything unless I get in the mood, so I got excited and invited her to a hot spring trip, but to make it harder for us to have sex, she brought her younger sister with me and ended up sinking... But I thought it was my girlfriend's younger sister Mio. Contrary to her innocent appearance, she is a secret nymphomaniac and seduces me as soon as we arrive at the inn. ``Rubbing me with your hands isn't cheating, right? I don't know.'' Despite feeling guilty, he seduces my girlfriend's little sister. I got on top of her, and she continued to have sex with me for three consecutive nights, and I was completely destroyed by her cute face, whispered dirty words, and techniques.


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